Training Programs

Evolux permanent hair removal equipment

Advanced Training Module

For a salon and spa owner in Australia or anywhere else for that matter, buying a top of the line equipment for beauty care has to be done after careful thought. It requires substantial investments and to get quick returns it should be made functional as soon as possible after installation. But again, that is not easy. Such devices are truly complex with numerous settings for varying hair colour and texture. The matter of safety is also there. Technicians have to be highly trained so that nothing goes wrong during treatments and the safety of the patients is not compromised in any way.

At IPL Machines Australia achieving excellence in customer service and support is our primary goal and objective. This is why we have structured courses and training programmes that enable buyers of our equipment to become quickly familiar with the devices and be an expert on that machine before initiating any procedures. Most importantly, all programmes have practical hands-on learning on demo machines matching that bought from us.

Each course has a number of modules and is usually spread out over two or three full day sessions depending on the complexities of the machine.

The first part of the course is the theoretical aspects that go into detail on the laser and IPL technologies on which all our devices operate. The advantage here is that for future purchases this part of the course is not required in further training programmes as it is common across all machines.

Practical training on demo machines makes salon owner or staff well conversant with all operational aspects. This is very necessary as precise and accurate settings have to be made to ensure that all treatments have the best results and nothing goes wrong for the patient.

Pre treatment consultation process is another module of the course. A lot of factors have to be weighed before the correct course of treatment can be decided. This includes medication that the patient is currently taking, any allergies, analysing skin and hair types and other contraindications. We will take trainees through the steps involved for evaluating all these parameters.

Finally, the focus will be on safety issues and measures to be taken accordingly. The reputation of a clinic depends on being able to provide safe and optimised treatments.

To know more about the training programmes at IPL Machines Australia, give us a call. It is part of the post sale service that we offer to all our clients.