Uni Tatt Device

Uni Tatt Device

Easy & Effective Tattoo Removal Treatments with Uni Tatt

Uni Tatt from IPL Machines Australia has taken the process of tattoo removal far ahead of what it once was. Tattoos in the past were considered to be indelible marks on the body for life. Alternately, those wanting to remove a tattoo had to go through a very painful process of infra-red laser treatments or invasive surgical procedures and even skin grafting.

Not anymore with Uni Tatt. This device uses the power of Q-switch lasers to make tattoo removal a relatively simple and easy process. Beams of laser pulsing at nanoseconds travel below the surface of the skin and breaks up the ink into minute fragments which are then disposed off by the body’s natural processes. Tattoos fade away visibly and are totally eliminated after a few sessions.

Additionally, it is possible to remove any tattoos with Uni Tatt regardless of the size and density of ink. Generally, tattoos in green, blue or fluorescent colours are difficult to remove when compared to red, black and brown. However, with Uni Tatt this too is not an issue and all types of tattoos are removed quickly and effectively. This is possible because of the technologically advanced specifications of the devices. These are sourced and imported by us from leading manufacturers around the globe making them a leader in its class and comparable with the best in the world. It is also why some of the top names in the beauty salon and spa sector in Australia have chosen to install Uni Tatt in their clinics.

While Uni Tatt is basically known as a tattoo removal machine, it has the flexibility and versatility to offer a host of other skin rejuvenation treatments.

With Uni Tatt it is possible to

  • Remove cosmetic tattoos apart from the conventional ones. This includes elimination of eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrows considered to be “permanent makeup”.
  • Eliminate skin ailments such as fine lines, wrinkles and freckles
  • Do away with dermal pigmentation like acne marks, age spots, coffee spots and birth marks
  • Treat vascular diseases like varicose veins and capillary hemangioma

We at IPL Machines Australia offer optimised customer service to all purchasers of Uni Tatt tattoo removal devices. Pre sales, our customer service executives guide potential buyers on which model will meet their specific requirements. Post sales, we offer exclusive training programs on demo machines of Uni Tatt so that buyers cam familiarise themselves with all operational aspects as well as safety features.

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