Unilux – Reliable & Effective Treatments

Unilux – Reliable & Effective Treatments

Unilux permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation machine from IPL Machines Aaustralia is one of the market leaders in beauty care treatments in Australia. It is low on maintenance, reliable and promises years of trouble free service with guaranteed high speed operations. The latter is particular relevant for our clients who can then reduce treatment times at their clinic and spas. This leads to greater number of patients being treated and results in improved turnover and growth.

Unilux is imported and distributed in this country by IPL Machines Australia We only source these machines from leading makers of beauty care equipment in the world. This ensures that Unilux is high on quality and safety. Treatments are painless without any side effects, primarily because of advanced laser and IPL technologies incorporated in these devices.

Unilux offers a range of top end skin rejuvenation and hair removal procedures. While most devices in its class cater to one segment of patients or the other, Unilux can provide optimised treatments in all cases regardless of skin and hair colour or texture. In fact it is also good for treatment of blonde hair.

As part of our excellent customer service and support, we at IPL Machines Australia offer training courses to all purchasers of Unilux. Hence salon owners can quickly get to know the operational intricacies of Unilux which has a host of settings for various hair and skin types.


The many applications of Unilux are –

  • Various skin freshening processes such as removal of fine lines and wrinkles, freckles and birth marks
  • Elimination of coffee spots and acne scars and reduction of pigmented and vascular lesions.
  • Microdermabrasion process. This is gently removing the dead cells on the top of the skin. It leads to increased collagen production and a more rejuvenated and fresh skin texture
  • Permanent hair removal where beams of light target and destroy hair follicles from the root. A number of sessions are required for complete hair removal

All these specialised treatment is possible only because of the in-built advanced and state of the art features of Unilux. These include –

  • High performing 3500w of power with reduced treatment times when compared to devices offered by our competitors
  • Good for any colour and texture of hair and skin. Possible because of advanced and patented SPT and FCA technologies
  • Sapphire + Air + Water + SPT cooling system ensures painless treatments without any side effects
  • German Xenon lamps that have a life span of 300,000 flashes, thereby lowering running and replacement costs
  • SHR 15*50mm2 and 12*33mm headpieces supplied as standard equipment with Unilux.
  • Focussed light that strikes at the area under treatment only without affecting the surrounding skin.

Unilux is mounted on wheels and can be moved from room to room to optimise patient convenience and comfort.