SHR IPL Machines

SHR IPL Machines

Best in Class High Performing IPL Machines – Optimised After-Sales Support

IPL Machines Australia is one of the leading importers and distributors of top end and technologically advanced IPL and laser based machines for the beauty care segment in Australia. Some of the leading names in the salon and spa industry in the country are our clients, primarily because of the quality of devices that we have on offer. We source our machines from top manufacturers around the world and hence guarantee their performance and safety. All devices supplied by us are included on the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

Our focus is always on providing clients with a wide choice of options in models and versions. Take the case of devices that optimise permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation processes. We have Genlux, a small desktop version for small clinics with limited space or as a backup for larger salons for rush times. These machines are however not short on performance, power or speed of operations. At the other end is the larger and more powerful equipment that has the capacity for speedy procedures, thereby increasing the number of clients that can be attended to in any given period of time.

However, what makes our equipment best in its class and a cut above what competitors have to offer is their range of applications. Unlike previous IPL based devices that had side effects and often led to third degree burns, our modern and latest IPL and laser technology based machines are fully safe for use. Hair reduction and removal is good on all skin types 1-5 and for any form of hair and skin colour and texture. Skin rejuvenation processes consists of removal of fine lines and freckles, pigmented vascular lesions, elimination of acne and birth marks and skin freshening procedures such as microdermabrasion.

Finally, as part of our high standards of post sales customer service and support, we provide theoretical and practical training to our clients on demo machines so that they can quickly familiarise themselves with the operational and safety aspects of the machines.