About Us

permanent hair removal machines

Our mission at IPL Machines Australia is to bring world class beauty care equipment to Australia so that leading spas and salons all over the country can be a part of the sweeping changes taking place in this sector globally. Even a decade back, skin rejuvenation treatments required extensive surgical procedures and substantial downtime. See the scenario today. With our advanced machines, a bikini line process is done in under an hour and tattoo removal which required surgery and skin grafting earlier is now completed painlessly in a few sessions only.

IPL Machines Australia is one of the leading importers and distributors of equipment for the beauty sector in Australia. All our machines are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers and we never compromise on this score. It is for this reason that our devices have the latest technologies incorporated in them and are a cut above what our competitors have to offer. This is also why we not only provide extended warranty on all our devices but can also boast of having some of the leading names in Australia’s beauty care sector in our client portfolio.

The machines we import can be broadly classified into ones providing permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation processes and tattoo removal. Even here we offer a range of models so that all clinics irrespective of their size or scale of operations will find a device that matches their needs. For instance, our small desktop model is ideal for clinics and spas with limited space and client turnover. However, this version is not small on performance and speed of treatments and is comparable with the best in its class. Our large standard models are high performing fast machines that enable salons and spas to increase client turnover substantially.

One of the areas that we really focus on and give a lot of importance to is customer service. Pre sale, give us a call and our customer care executive will visit your premises to assess your need and recommend the most suitable equipment for you. We base our evaluation both on present level of business as well as expected projected growth. The post-sale service too is no less. We understand that our machinery is not easy to handle with numerous settings for different skin and hair types and colour. Hence we offer a two or three day course – depending on the machine purchased – to new buyers so that they can quickly familiarize themselves with the its operations. This is also crucial to ensure safety of the patients under treatments as any wrong move by the technicians can have disastrous consequences.

Such benchmarks of excellence set by us in customer care and support along with the quality of our devices has brought us to the top of the beauty care industry in Australia today.