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Beauty care treatments and procedures all over the world today are on a high. Affordable treatments as well as innovations and developments in the field of equipment and devices have fuelled the rise in clinics and spas offering top end procedures. There is also a growing awareness about the ease of going through hair removal and skin rejuvenation processes that even a decade and a half back required painful invasive surgical processes and extensive recuperation periods.

One of the leaders in this field of beauty care equipment is IPL Machines Aaustralia. We are one of the leading importers and distributors of state of the art and cutting edge hair reduction and skin rejuvenation machines in Australia, sourcing them only from leading manufacturers around the world. These are made from the best components and hence have been proved to be rugged, safe and low on maintenance. It is therefore no wonder that some of the leading names in the Australian beauty clinics and salons sector are among our valued customers.

High Benchmarks in customer service

At IPL Machines Australia our mission is to offer high standards of customer care. Before investing in one of our devices talk to one of our customer care executives who will visit your premises and advice you on the best machine that will match your needs. Even after you have made a purchase, we will take you and your staff through training programmes that will give a hands-on experience on how to operate these rather complex devices. This guarantees high quality treatments as well as safety for your clients.

Quality machines offered by us

We offer a range of IPL and laser based machines to suit the needs of all clinics and any scale of business. Hence you will get small desktop models that are ideal for small businesses with limited space and client turnover. However these small devices are not short on performance and can better any machine offered by our competitors in its class. These are in addition to our high performance models that have matchless speed and output.

  • Hair reduction machines – Within a number of sessions, you will notice visible changes. Light beams travel below the epidermis and destroy hair follicles from the bulbs or roots. These machines are good for all skin tones and hair texture.
  • Skin rejuvenation machines – Offers a large variety of treatments including removal of birth marks, acne scars, liver and coffee spots and pigmented lesions. Apart from dermatological issues it also deals with aesthetic aspects such as reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and freckles. By increasing collagen production, these devices firms up facial skin for a new and young look.
  • Tattoo Removal – Removing tattoos once required painful skin grafts and surgical procedures. Not anymore! Our tattoo removal machines send light beams below the epidermis, breaking up the ink into tiny fragments which are then disposed by the body systems. Even the stubborn inks like blue and green fade away after a few sessions.

Give us a call with your requirements of IPL machines. We will be only too glad to guide you in this regard.

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Technologically advanced equipment to help you provide better beauty and skin care treatments.


All our equipment deliver impressive results be it permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation correction, acne management, unwanted tattoo removal or vascular therapy.

 High Performing IPL Machines 


Universal IPL equipment has been developed to cope with face and body imperfections. All aesthetic devices have advanced technology and customised exactly for your unique business needs.


When you buy any of our premium equipment, we help you choose, finance and unveil your new equipment. With each piece of equipment purchased, experience in-depth training, ongoing technical support and industry insights.

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6 months back I purchased hair removal IPL machine from Universal IPL and it’s amazing. The results are tremendous and my clients are happy and satisfied. I am pleased with their services and customer support whenever I need it. Happy to have someo


I was looking to buy tattoo removal machine for my salon. Shopped around and received quotes from various businesses, but ultimately settled for Universal IPL due to their good marketing support and also because I had a specific requirement, so they


I can’t thank enough for providing me with the best equipment and how impressed I am. Thank you for all the support you have been providing me, truly appreciate that. I also want to thank you for your excellent marketing support and help in financi


From marketing, training, products to customer support Universal IPL doesn’t miss a thing. I want to thank you for the excellent service and customer support you have been providing me and the fast response and follow up. Thank you so much.

Johnathan Doe